Zodra je jezelf aan de kant van de meerderheid ziet staan, wordt het de hoogste tijd om een pauze in te lassen en hierover na te gaan denken. De kans is namelijk zeer klein dat je daar de waarheid zult vinden.”                           Mahatma Ghandi


“Gandhi is the other person. I believe Gandhi is the only person who knew about real democracy — not democracy as the right to go and buy what you want, but democracy as the responsibility to be accountable to everyone around you. Democracy begins with freedom from hunger, freedom from unemployment, freedom from fear, and freedom from hatred. To me, those are the real freedoms on the basis of which good human societies are based.”
― Vandana Shiva

“The worldwide destruction of the feminine knowledge of agriculture evolved over four to five thousand years by a handful of white male scientists in less than two decades has not merely violated women as experts but, since their expertise is modeled on nature’s system of renewability, has gone hand in hand with the ecological destruction of nature’s processes and the economic destruction of poor people in rural areas.”
― Vandana Shiva, Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development

“The abuse of the Earth is the ecological crisis.”
― Vandana Shiva

“This book focuses on science and development as patriarchal projects not as a denial of other sources of patriarchy, such as religion, but because they are thought to be class, culture, and gender neutral.”
― Vandana Shiva, Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development

“The old culture reflected fundamental human needs while respecting natural limits. And it worked. It worked for nature, and it worked for people. The various connecting relationships in the traditional system were mutually reinforcing, encouraging harmony
and stability.”
― Helena Norberg-Hodge, Ancient Futures: Learning from Ladakh


Globalized industrialized food is not cheap: it is too costly for the Earth, for the farmers, for our health. The Earth can no longer carry the burden of groundwater mining, pesticide pollution, disappearance of species and destabilization of the climate. Farmers can no longer carry the burden of debt, which is inevitable in industrial farming with its high costs of production. It is incapable of producing safe, culturally appropriate, tasty, quality food. And it is incapable of producing enough food for all because it is wasteful of land, water and energy. Industrial agriculture uses ten times more energy than it produces. It is thus ten times less efficient.”
― Vandana Shiva

We have to create miracles. A miracle is not the intersession of an external divine agency in violation of the laws of physics. A miracle is simply something that is impossible from an old story but possible from within a new one. It is an expansion of what is possible.

Women are 70 per cent of the world’s poor, and they own one per cent of the world’s wealth. In every country in the world, women are poorer than men, and their poverty and economic inequality affects every aspect of their lives–their basic survival and the survival of their children, their access to food and housing, their physical security, their sexual autonomy, their health, their access to education and literacy, their access to justice, their ability to participate in public life, their ability to influence and participate in decisions that affect them. Women’s economic inequality is integrally connected to their sexual exploitation, and to their lack of political power. As long as women as a group do not have an equal share of the world’s economic resources, they will not have an equal say in shaping the world’s future in a way that is centered around care, giving without asking anything in return etc. (Unknown) 
The recovery of the feminine principle allows a transcendance and transformation of these patriarchal foundations of maldevelopment. It allows a redefinition of growth and productivity as categories linked to the production, not the destruction, of life. It is thus simultaneously an ecological and a feminist political project which legitimises the way of knowing and being that create wealth by enhancing life and diversity, and which deligitimises the knowledge and practise of a culture of death as the basis for capital accumulation.”
― Vandana Shiva, Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development
“The close nexus between reductionist science, patriarchy, violence, and profits is explicit in 80 percent of scientific research that is devoted to the war industry, and is frankly aimed directly at lethal violence—”
― Vandana Shiva, Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development
“Modern science, as we have noted earlier, has a world-view that both supports and is supported by the socio-political-economic system of western capitalist patriarchy which dominates and exploits nature, women, and the poor.”
― Vandana Shiva, Staying Alive: Women, Ecology, and Development


Documentaires en Video’s met een eigen narratief

Mijn werk bestaat uit geluid en beeldmateriaal vanuit perspectieven van kinderen en volwassenen, die ook een  economeia  leven gebaseerd op: overvloed voor iedereen, to care, verbinding en geven.

Gift economy is de oorsprong van de huidige exchange economy (een overbodige en artificiële vorm van gifteconomie). Gifteconomy is other-oriented, terwijl exchange ego-oriented is, dit brengt twee hele verschillende soorten psychologie en culturele “Stories of Self” op. In Gifteconomie : the more for me, is the more for you en verbinding en overvloed. In Exchange-economie: the more for me is less for you en separation en schaarste, angst en macht/onderdrukking. Ook in het onderwijs aan kinderen en jeugd is het belangrijk om vanuit nieuwe paradigma’s te gaan werken om werkelijk een mooiere toekomst te creeeren.

In mijn werk verbind ik inzichten uit feministische linguistiek, filosofie, feministische economie/ecologie, genderstudies en levensbeschouwingen met de praktijk. Ik ben geinspireerd door onder andere Helena Norberg Hodge ( en Vandana Shiva (, Genevieve Vaughan, Charles Eisenstein.




Mijn beroepsopleiding als documentaire maker bestaat in etnocinematografie en opleiding documentaire maken aan het TV College in Hilversum.

In opdracht maak ik korte en lange documentaires en video’s over onderwerpen die u aandraagt. Gebruik het contactformulier als u uitgebreider informatie wenst. Ik zal dan zeker binnen twee weken antwoord geven.

U kunt mij boeken als Spreker op het gebied van Sociale Vernieuwing:  Gender, Economie en Levensbeschouwingen, via Sprekersbureau Zij Spreekt


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