Neurodiversity, childhood & learning


“The beauty you see in me, is a reflection of you.”  Rumi 


I am an internationally oriented specialist, public speaker & activist in neurodivergence and learning.  For the past 30 years neurodivergent children, adolescents, parents and educational organisations have asked my help.  My practice is embedded in an international setting of educational activists, specialists and therapists of all kinds.

In my practice for children and parents, I use a non-violent and holistic approach and a wide range of therapeutic techniques refined to the purpose. To sum up: Deep Democracy, Talanoa Dialogue, Fluisterkind methode, innerlijk kind therapie, Trauma therapie, Hakomi, Sport en Spel, Muziektherapie, Vedanta, knowledge of diet- immuun system – emotions – behaviour and brain, embracing an all inclusive vision at intelligentie (IQ, EQ en WQ), awareness of societies´ toxicity. Through experience and time my own way of working has come into existence and is still changing with the world of ideas (new research, philosophers and specialist publishing new insights) and with the character of demand by persons who ask for assistance. Advice to institutions comes into being through an application of frameworks of thought such as Holacracy and Deep Democracy as a first step. My personal flavour is a focus on well-being and consciousness. Keywords like care, connection, cooperation, and nutrition (of all kinds) swirl around my guests more strongly then competition, functionality and system approaches. 

In the process we embark on in our meetings I highly value your own authority, wisdom and sense. I aim to see, respect and understand everyone’s window of reality. Human rights of children as well as from adults are embraced as far as possible. We counter the tendency in society at large of dehumanisation, desecration of childhood, and life as such. We aim to base our work on the interrelatedness of all life. 

To create an emotionally safe environment will always be my first effort. My personal experience working with children has been one since almost 30 years now. Additionally,  I have been a single mother ever since of a 17 year old son, whose being and learning style did not fit in any existing educational system, yet. Beside my specialism working with children of all ages, I carry within me the deep process as a parent, single parent and female single parent of a neurodivergent son. All types of help as mentioned below, I can offered in Dutch, English and in Spanish (German, Portuguese and French as well possible, if necessary). 



Online Group and Individual Open Circle

I organize online individual and group meetings about Visual Learning, High Sensitivity, Highly Giftedness and learning. During an open circle I can lend my ear, listen to you and share insights you were not able to see before and might help you change things for the better. Also I can find a key with you to resolve a problem. You can use an open circle session as well to receive a tutorial, advice or raw information or referral to another specialist. Core condition is that the topic should be about high sensitivity, highly giftedness and visual thinking, children from 5 to 21 & learning.  Right now I facilitate only individual circles. 


Public Speaker

I am a professional public speaker and worked a few years for the Dutch Company for female Experts and Specialists “Zij Spreekt” on the topic of ‘High Sensitivity, Visual Learning and Highly Giftedness and Learning’ and on the topic of ‘Intercultural Gender and New Economy’.  Through my PhD research and teaching at Universities in the Netherlands and USA my first experience at stage speaking was set initially. 


Democratic International Secondary Educational Project 

Three years back my focus has come to be with the creation of an International Secondary Democratic School (multi-lingual), specialised in neurodivergence, based on respect for civil and human rights and with attention for Emotional Intelligence. It is embedded in the Chambers of Commerce in The Netherlands and has been registered as a pioneer project at EUDEC. The project was launched in South of Portugal, then travelled to the North of Spain, first to a renowned eco village and later shared with a group of alternative schools in the North. The goal is to share and learn together and adapt to local needs and circumstances to create a deeper tuning and local cooperation. More information about this project at





Gift Economy & Florijn

For all my services concerning education and children, Gift Economy mindset applies. This contains your self assessment of your heart, ethics, responsibility and budget. You can decide how you pay, if you pay and how much. My company is registered with Florijn, so if you choose so, you can pay me with Florijnen as well.  My skill to help you has been based on personal study, learning from and with children, adolescents, specialists and many others mainly on invitation, and on a deep interest in and love for children of all ages. I have never actively pursued any career in education consciously. My educational level is PhD and I have a background in psychology, Yoga Vedanta Philosophy  and psychology which I studied in monasteries with personal teachers amongst others. You can contact me through the contact page if you are interested.




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